Our dedicated team of real estate and financial professionals work diligently to develop the funds that we bring to the market. Each fund has very specific investment guidelines and may be developed around a certain asset class, geographic location or holding period. Our funds are typically structured in a Private Placement utilizing Rule 506 (c) of Regulation D and when doing so we adopt standards that exceeds what is typically mandated for such offerings.

Each fund is issued through it’s own corporate entity allowing them to be operated completely independently of each other. The assets acquired and held within the funds are purchased and managed through our affiliate companies however it is important to note that officers, directors or affiliated entities do not own or have any ownership interest in those targeted assets.

Unless otherwise identified in the offering disclosure documents, other than the typical fees associated with the raising of capital in this manner, ALL net proceeds are dedicated to the acquisition of the underlying real estate assets. No investment proceeds are utilized for corporate overhead and expenses of Royal Northgate Asset Management.

Under the guidelines of the above mentioned offerings, we are able to accept an unlimited number of accredited investors.


Our Family of Funds:


SPRING 2018:

Royal Northgate Development Fund               Click here to view Investment Summary for the Development Fund

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Royal Northgate Growth & Income Fund          Click here to view Investment Summary for the Growth & Income Fund

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Development Fund Growth & Income Fund COMING SOON 2019 COMING SOON 2019 COMING SOON 2019

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