About Us

Royal Northgate Asset Management is a Florida based company that provides all operational, management and maintenance services to the Royal Northgate family of funds. We are striving to transform the way individual investors approach real estate as an investment option. Our dedicated team of experienced real estate and financial professionals work diligently to structure investment vehicles that embrace all of the benefits of real estate ownership while providing instant diversification and a minimum annual return.

While other investment opportunities typically concentrate on larger commercial projects or attempt to chase a short term housing trend, our funds are very specific in nature, have a dedicated investment strategy and are aimed to satisfy the needs of a long term investor’s goals. Our funds offer complete transparency, regular financial reporting and thorough property updates through our proprietary customer resource center.


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Why Invest with Royal Northgate

Investment Strategies – We pride ourselves on the strategies we implement for our family of funds. Each of our funds offer very specific long term goals and very strict acquisition guidelines.  Through our highly targeted approach there is a strong likelihood that we have an open fund or pending opportunity that can meet your investment objectives.

Transparency - Our funds offer complete transparency, regular financial reporting and property updates through our proprietary customer resource center. Every property that is acquired, rented or sold is listed in our resource center and is updated on a weekly basis. Once becoming an investor you will receive password protected access to our investor center.

Investment Growth – We typically structure our funds utilizing preferred stock with a specified annual dividend rate.  Our management team works diligently to achieve net income from operations in excess of such distributions.  In such cases, preferred shareholders at the time of maturity and fund liquidation will participate in an equity sharing program that has the potential to significantly increase their return on investment.

Structure – Royal Northgate has the resources and infrastructure to effectively and efficiently acquire, redevelop and manage all assets targeted by the funds. This is done through affiliate companies: Inspire Realty LLC, Inspire Property Management LLC, and Inspire Commercial, LLC.

Business Model – Royal Northgate has developed their funds by truly understanding the needs of the individual investor.   Our fund structure makes an investment extremely easy and offers a minimum annual return and incredible capital appreciation possibilities. You have immediate diversification by participating proportionately in a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

we accept investments
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IRA/Roth IRA/401k

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